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Warning Tapes

Fluorescent Reflective Warning Tape
Product Description

Fluorescent Reflective Warning Tape
In universally recognized colors      
Black/Yellow: Highlights danger area, protruding beams, low objects & machinery

Red/White: Highlights fire equipment      
Green/White: Highlights safety areas, First Aid etc.  
Black/White: Highlights lane marking, hazards & dangers such as low pipes, ceilings, steps & doorways  
Size: 50mm x 100m, 75mm x 100m, 50mm x 200m, 70mm x 200m, 75mm x 200m, 75mm x 500m  
Caution & Barricade Safety Tapes:  

Economical, temporary cordon or barrier on a roll. Non-adhesive polythene film with pre-printed texts " DO NOT ENTER" " CHEMICAL HAZARD " " CAUTION " and many more.  

Size: 75mm x 300m, 75mm x 500m

PVC Hazard Stripe Warning Tapes:      
These tapes promote safety in the workplace, alerts workers & visitors to dangers as ground pipes, low ceilings, hallways, doorways and steps etc., and ensures the effective traffic control      
Black/Yellow - Used to mark obstructions, hand rails, steps, passageways, & hazard areas.  
Red/White - Used to denote the placement of fire extinguishers and other fire equipment.      
Black/White - Denotes potentially dangerous areas.  
Purple/Yellow - Used to identify radiation hazards.

Aisle Marking Tapes:  
Ensure that personnel are directly safety around areas that may be hazardous. Supplies in a variety of colors, such as Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & White.

HS Code: 39201099
Trademark: Depack
Origin: China
Packing: Polybag
Min. Order: Above 2000rolls


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