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detectable warning tape

  Detectable Aluminium Foil Tape
Product Description

DESCRIPTION: Detectable Aluminium Foil tape

This Detectable Warning Tape is feature a buried printed coloured plastic strip style which can not be scraped off or erased. It meets or exceeds all known industry standards.

Width: 2inch, 3inch, 6inch
Length: 1000Ft
Thickness: 4Mil, 5Mil, 6Mil
Package: Each pcs in a polybag
(Other sizes & thickness are available upon inquiry) detectable warning tape

-Used for accurately locating and preventing damage to valuable underground utility installations.
-An aluminum backing to make underground assets easy to find using a non-ferrous locator.
-Properly installed, will help avoid catastrophically inaccurate digging when locating utilities such as electrical lines, gas pipes and communication cables.
-Easily located using cable locators by direct connection
-Marking underground utility lines, gas pipes, communication cables and more to warn excavators and to prevent damage, service interruption or personal injury
-Use for non-metallic underground installations such as utility lines, PVC and non-metal piping

-Permanently bonded between two layers of rot resistant plastic to prevent corrosion and increase its tensile strength.
-Durable laminate construction will not scratch off or peel apart
-Permanently imprinted with black ink
- installed 12"-18" below ground level and 12" directly above buried pipes, cables and conduits, before final backfilling.
-Withstands temperatures from -60ºF to 250ºF-Custom printing of underground detectable tape is available upon request. detectable warning tapes

BLUE: Water & Associated Lines
GREEN: Sanitary & Associated Sewer Lines
ORANGE: Telecommunications Lines
PURPLE: Reclaimed Water Lines
RED: Electric & Associated Lines
YELLOW: Gas & Associated Lines

HS Code: 39201099
Trademark: Depack
Origin: China
Packing: Polybag


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