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Safety & Warning Tape

danger tape, red danger tape

  Danger Tape
Product Description


Danger Tape are printed continuous repeat of message or warning in bold black letters on bright Colorful, non-adhesive tape.

Backing: High or Lower density laminated polypropylene film, Non-Adhesive
Colors: White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green
(Other Colors are available upon inquiry)

Width: 45mm, 50mm, 70mm, 75mm,100mm, 150mm
Length: 100m, 200m, 300m,500m
Thickness: 25mic, 30mic, 35mic, 40mic, 50mic
Package: Each pcs in a polybag
(Other sizes & thickness are available upon inquiry) danger tape, red danger tape

-Economical, disposable marking solution.
-Ued in the field of law enforcement,construction jobsite, safety,painting,work areas, crime scenes and any potentially dangerous areas.
-Ideal for temporary-Quickly block off any restricted area for best safety. outdoor or permanent indoor applications
-Can be tied, stapled or nailed to posts, fences or metal barricades.
-Helps alert the public to stay away from a contained area and prevent accidents
by increasing the visibility of hazards.

-Variety of Mil thicknesses available for different project needs
-Lightweight, durable, economical and reusable polyethylene with a continuous repeat of message or warning.
-Private labeling, UPC coding, and other custom packaging requirements available
danger tapes, red danger tapes

HS Code: 39201099
Trademark: Depack
Origin: China
Packing: Polybag


Danger Asbestos

Danger Asbestos

Danger Asbestos Hazard

Danger Danger Danger

Danger Do Not Enter

Danger Hazardous Area

Danger Hazardous Area Keep Out

Danger Hazardous Material Do Not Enter

Danger High Voltage Area

Danger Keep Out


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