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Double-Coated Tapes

carpet tape

  D.S. Cloth Carpet Tape
Product Description
Double-Side Cloth Carpet Tape:
It's manufactured with an adhesive coated to both sides of a very durable cloth backing and a silicone-coated release liner. Carpet tape is disclosed with hooks projecting from the front side of a sheet for attachment to loops on the underside of the carpet and with an opposite adhesive side for attachment to the floor. Selected, non-contiguous areas of the sheet are removed to create holes to reduce the mount of material, to reduce seam telegraphing and to allow moisture to be released from beneath the tape. A covering provides integrity for the tape prior to installation. carpet tapes, double sided carpet tape, carpet binding tape, carpet seaming tape, carpet seaming tape, carpet protection tape, outdoor carpet tape, duck carpet tape

>Preferred choice for many applications including industrial holding, mounting and splicing.
>Perfect product for carpet hold-down and mounting for convention sites, home construction, taircraft installations, rade expositions, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, airlines, etc.
>Excellent adhesion. Leaves no residue.

HS Code: 39191099
Trademark: Depack
Origin: China
Packing: polybag


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